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sample press release for thesis film “Casey and the Death Pool,” December 2014

Female Director Raises Funds for Daring Dark Comedy About Death, Female Relationships, and the Generation Gap

Chapman graduate student Margaret Anderson looks to Indiegogo to raise funds for a thesis film highlighting the complex relationship between two women of different generations.

Orange, CA Dec. 1st, 2014 — As the only female director in her graduating year, director/writer Margaret Anderson hopes to bring a unique perspective with her thesis film Casey and the Death Pool.  Tackling an ambitious story, her team looks to Indiegogo to raise enough money to cover the locations, cast, and extras for their larger-than-life story set in the fictitious Riverglen Retirement Home.

Casey and the Death Pool is the story of Casey, 25, the dark and shrewd runner of an underground death pool at the elite Riverglen Retirement Home.  Casey and her fellow employees bet on when the elderly they care for will finally kick the bucket.  But when bright and charismatic new resident Dorinda, 72, arrives on the scene, she saves the life of Casey’s latest bet and threatens Casey’s dark designs.  What follows is an epic power struggle between two passionate women from different generations.

Casey and the Death Pool is an ambitious over-the-top comedy, but hopes to portray a very genuine message.  “I wanted to explore a story that’s not just about strong female characters but about the complex relationship that can develop between two women who are so different.   The exploration of female relationships is something that is missing in the films I see coming out of film school and I want to fill that gap,” states Anderson. 

Anderson’s commitment in expressing a strong female perspective through her films has been cultivated by her involvement with Women In Film (WIF).  As a participant in the competitive O.L. Halsell Filmmaker-in-Residence Program at Chapman, Anderson was able to develop the story of Casey and the Death Pool under the mentorship of WIF President and Oscar Winner Cathy Schulman.  And as last year’s winner of the WIF Meredith MacRae Memorial Award for Directing, Anderson feels an obligation to represent the values of women in her work.

The film will be shot at the end of February over 10 days with a screening scheduled May 18th 2015 at Dodge College of Media Arts. 

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