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sample voiceover script from the Hillsboro Chamber Mission Video, August 2016


Every business has an origin story. Not the two paragraph blurb written in the slick brochure, but the real one. The story of 2 AM brainstorms, back room inspirations, half-crazed dreams put into motion. The stories of Adventurers. Innovators. Entrepreneurs.

Large and small, hi-tech and agricultural–we strode out away from the pack, forging our own way. They told us we couldn’t fly so we built a runway. T hey told us we couldn’t grow, so we so we planted a forest. Of silicon. And while others worry about what’s cool or hip, we focus on what works, what inspires. They say you should seek the spotlight; we say you should create it.

And even as our success sets us apart, it doesn’t disconnect us. From our traditions, our families, and our community. These are the things we strive for, to make a place of opportunity for all dreamers. We face the future with the same bravery of the innovators that came before us, unafraid to laugh, to build, to fly.

Together we are the Hillsboro Chamber. Where business happens.

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